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Employment Opportunities

I am interested in driving a School Bus for Elkin City Schools.

Selected applicants may be scheduled for a driver training class. For upcoming training dates, please call Phillip Chrismon, Transportation Director, at336-835-3135. Candidates must successfully complete drivers training and drug screening prior to being hired. Transportation Director interviews candidates, and will select those who are a good fit Please see 

How do I become a substitute teacher?

Effective March 23, 2009, the Elkin City Schools System requires that anyone interested in becoming a substitute teacher complete “Effective Teacher Training (ETT) for Substitutes” prior to becoming a substitute teacher. This training is offered through an online module which can be found at  You can contact Allison Moxley-White at 336-835-3135 Ext. 1226 to get more information.  Upon successful completion of the training, please complete an on line application (Go to website :) If you have a teaching certificate whether current or expired, you may use this certificate, in lieu of the Effective Teacher Training. Once you have submitted your application, please contact Allison Moxley-White at 336-835-3135 Ext. 1226.
The substitute teacher process:
• Complete the on-line application (Go to this website
• Attend Effective Teacher Training through
• Present teacher certificate (current or expired)
• Upon approval by the Board of Education, the process is almost complete.
Salary for substitutes:
* Certified teacher with current North Carolina license:                                                Daily rate: $124.00
* Expired/out-of-state teaching license, Effective Teacher Trained, Non-certified:  Daily rate: $113.00