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Elkin City Schools

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TechHelp - How to Use


The "TechHelp" web site:

You can also get there from the main ECS website.  Hover over "Staff" and then select "Tech Help".

Please utilize the TechHelp web site for new issues when possible.  This makes it very easy for us to track, update the status, and maintain contact with you and each other.  Please be as descriptive of the issue as possible.  "Computer doesn't work" is fairly broad and makes it hard for us to troubleshoot after hours.  When you submit a ticket, you will see a screen that has the ticket number that was assigned to your issue.  Please remember that this web site is only available on our network.  You cannot submit tickets if you are not connected to our network. 

Once submitted, you can look at the status of tickets on this site as well.  If you want a current update on the status of a ticket, please email us and refer to the ticket by number.

TechHelp email:

We ask that you email issues to techhelp or Tech-Help on email

Both work exactly the same.  Why two?  Tech-Help was published on some documents a couple of years ago and we created the second one instead of trying to redistribute the info.

When we email you back, we will always cc:techhelp so that the others in the department can stay informed on the progress of the issue.  It will help us tremendously if you "reply all" instead of replying back only to the tech that emailed you.  By using "reply all" or by including cc:techhelp on the email, issues can be addressed in a more efficient manner.


All issues should be sent to "techhelp" (either way) instead of addressed to only one tech.  We are a small district.  At times, one of us may be out for training, tied up with prior commitments, dealing with a district wide problem, personal issues, etc.   By emailing techhelp or submitting issues on the techhelp web site, you ensure that the available staff are aware of the issue and we can respond in a more timely manner.  By submitting to "tech help" (either way), we can also make sure that issues are directed to an appropriate person.  We sometimes divvy up responsibilities of certain issues to a single person; but the others can perform the task if they are not available.

 If your issue requires funding allocations, feel free to send those requests or emails directly to me but a techhelp email is always perfect...


   -Britt Shaw