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Safety/Worker's Compensation

The following provides safety information for students and employees as well as worker's compensation information and resources.
Help stop accidents before they happen by knowing what to look for.  Train yourself to be a sharp observer.  Be on the lookout for unsafe actions, situations and conditions.  These are accidents waiting to happen.
The workplace safety posters below remind employees of safe work practices.  Please prominently display them where employees are likely to see the posters and replace or rotate them periodically to maintain interest.
Worker's Compensation
In the event there is an accident that involves an Elkin City Schools Employee, please click on the Combined Reporting & Investigation Form below, download, print and send to Human Resources.
For More Information or for Questions
Please contact:
Allison Moxley-White
Elkin City Schools - Human Resources
Workers' Compensation 
336-835-3135 Office
336-835-3376 Fax