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Employee Benefits

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2019 Open Enrollment Important Information
(Active Members and Non-Medicare Members)


Open Enrollment will be held Sept. 29-October 31, 2018!


The State Health Plan will offer active employees and non-Medicare members a

choice between these two plan options for the 2019 benefit year:


•    80/20 Plan
•    70/30 Plan


      During Open Enrollment, ALL members and eligible dependents will be enrolled
      into the 70/30 Plan for 2019.  If members want to reduce their premium or enroll

in the 80/20 Plan,  they must TAKE ACTION during Open Enrollment.  


Click on HR Intouch Log In above to enroll




Local Supplements
Local Supplements are payable on the May paycheck for 10-month employees and the
June paycheck for 11 and 12-month employees.
Bonus Annual Leave Days 2017-18
Any full-time permanent employee on July 1, 2017, and eligible to earn leave, shall 
have a one-time additional 3 days of bonus annual leave-reason code 29.  The leave
carries over but has no cash value at termination/retirement.

(Closed)  Flexible Benefits Open Enrollment - November 6-21, 2017
At the right of this page, you will find the 2017 Enrollment Schedule, 2017 Enrollment Booklet,
 and Enrollment Letter
Information about all benefits available during open enrollment can be obtained by clicking the
address below: