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Surry-Yadkin Works

Job opportunity as of February 2024
The primary purpose of this position is to oversee and lead the Surry-Yadkin Works FLEET Program. Additionally, will act as a liaison between Altec and educational institutions in Surry and Yadkin counties. A summary of the Surry-Yadkin Works FLEET Program is listed below.
Surry-Yadkin Works is an opportunity for high school students in Surry County and Yadkin County to complete an paid internship in a local business, gain valuable real-world experience, earn high school credit, earn college credit, earn industry-recognized credentials, and earn a financial stipend for travel! 

Programs like Surry-Yadkin Works are creating a more seamless education-to-workforce pathway for learners across NC. Learn more about the model and its impact on students, employers, and communities in the new PLAYBOOK.

Teaching critical leadership and soft skills, such as goal setting, interpersonal communication, and team building to ensure students are well prepared to engage in work and life. We employ work-based learning to facilitate job showing, internships, co-ops, work-study programs, and apprenticeships connecting students with career opportunities and local employers.
Ensuring access to relevant training opportunities to connect students to employers based on employer need in order to increase a skilled workforce in our community.
Cultivating collaborative partnerships with businesses to invest in the development of a well-prepared and highly engaged workforce.