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Work Based Learning Opportunities


As part of an eighth graders’ Career Exploration class, he or she has an opportunity to spend 1/2 day with a volunteer business organization where he/she “shadows” someone in a career he/she is considering.  This event allows students to experience first-hand the world of work and ask questions of professionals as they begin making their own career plans.

For more information about job shadowing, contact Whitney Collins, Elkin Middle School Career Development Coordinator.


The Career Internship Program supplements formal classroom instruction.  Its intent is to add significantly to the vitality and impact of courses that a student has taken, and to extend learning into the real work environment.

The Objectives of the Career Internship Program are:
  • To provide opportunities for high school students to explore areas of career interests through the development of internships with local government and civic agencies, organizations, businesses, industries, and individuals.
  • To establish positive relationships among the internship program, students, the school, and the community.
  • To enable the student to earn credit for experiences of a career nature.
  • To assist participating students to develop good work habits, experience personal growth, strengthen communication skills, and become aware of the vast opportunities within the community and world of work.

The Requirements for the Career Internship Program are:
  • Prospective career interns must complete the application process, which will include two written recommendations from current teachers and a counselor recommendation.
  • A close assessment of students’ transcripts, attendance records, discipline records, and grades will be made to determine eligibility.
  • Each career intern will have required paperwork and or assignments for which they are responsible.
  • Meetings with Patsy Burgess, the Internship Coordinator, will be arranged on a regular basis.
  • In the case of a problem or concern, Mrs. Burgess must be contacted immediately.
  • While the Internship Sponsor provides the student with the opportunity to grow and learn, it is the student intern’s responsibility to gain as much from the experience as is possible through prompt attendance, attentiveness, and enthusiasm.

Credit for Career Internship: Elective credit is earned according to the number of internship hours.

Evaluation of the Career Intern: The Internship Sponsor and Ms. Burgess, the Internship Coordinator, complete evaluations on each intern.  The evaluation must be positive and all requirements of the internship must be met in order for the student intern to receive a passing grade and elective credit.

For more information about the Career Internship Program contact, Danna Carpenter, Career and Technical Education Director.

This is an opportunity for high school students in Surry County and Yadkin County to complete an internship in a local business, gain valuable real-world experience, earn high school credit, college credit, industry-recognized credentials, a financial stipend and get paid for travel!


For more information about the Surry-Yadkin Works program contact, Whitney Harris, Elkin & Yadkin Workforce Development Specialist:  [email protected] 




Camp Med is a three-day health careers awareness camp for high school students in Elkin and surrounding counties.  It gives students an opportunity to learn firsthand about high-demand, high-paying healthcare occupations through classroom presentations, demonstrations and visits to area healthcare facilities, including Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.  There is no cost for the camp, which is held at Surry Community College.  In order to be eligible for the camp a student must be a current ninth, tenth, or eleventh grader; must have an overall GPA of 2.50 or higher and an interest in healthcare occupations; and must provide own transportation to and from SCC.  Applications are available in April.

For additional information about Camp Med, contact Danna Carpenter, Career and Technical Education Director.