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Career & Technical Education » Mission, Vision & Core Values

Mission, Vision & Core Values

Mission Statement of CTE

  • To prepare students for further vocational and technical education and lifelong learning.
  • To prepare students for initial and continued employment.
  • To assist students in making educational and career decisions.
  • To apply and reinforce related learning from other disciplines.
  • To prepare students to make informed consumer decisions and apply practical life skills.​
  • To assist students in developing decision-making, communication, problem-solving, leadership and citizenship skills.

Vision Statement of CTE

  • Students view CTE as an integral part of the "whole school experience".
  • Parents recognize that CTE is paramount to achieving educational and career goals.
  • North Carolina retains and successfully recruits new Business and Industry because of a well-prepared workforce.
  • Partnerships within the Educational Community provide a seamless transition to educational and career goals. 

Core Values of CTE

  • Quality: Commitment to excellence in everything we do
  • High Expectations: continually striving to reach optimum performance
  • Innovation:  The convergence of creative leadership, cutting-edge curriculum design, and effective instructional delivery for an ever-changing global economy
  • Dignity of all Occupations:  Work that is respected and has meaning and value to the individual, the employer, and society regardless of the level of financial compensation
  • Lifelong Learning:  The ability to adapt and upgrade individual skills in a rapidly changing world