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Google Takeout & Transfer

When you leave ECS as a student or a staff member, you can take your emails and Google Drive files with you.  Google has a service called "Takeout" that allows you to download or transfer your files to another google account.  Please read the whole article since "Transfer" does not get all Google data (like Google Keep) so you may want to do both.
Important: Storage is always a factor and you should look at the size of your files prior to moving them to another account.  A basic google account comes with 15 GB of storage.  Your school account is currently unlimited.   You may have to purchase additional storage before you can transfer all of your information to your new account. To check your current storage use,  please see .  If your Total Storage Used exceeds 15 GB then you should purchase additional storage for your personal account or reduce the amount of data in your account if you plan to use the transfer method.  Google storage is fairly inexpensive and can be shared with other family members. .  The takeout method will require free space on your local computer or external drive.
We have a document created by Jennifer Judkins with that also has a link to a video to show you how to complete the process.
This document and video should walk you through the entire process.  At one place she says you have to transfer to an account that ends with .  This is not 100% accurate as you can transfer to another school or domain that uses Google as their email/drive service provider.
Google Transfer is great as long as you have access to another google account that will hold all of your data but if you just want to download everything then just use the Google Takeout option without the transfer.
There is also a transfer video geared toward graduates but it may give you some more insight into the process.
Takeout has several more options.  Map, Keep, etc....
Takeout compresses your data into smaller blocks and you download everything to a local computer in one or more zip files.   You will have to unzip those files to access or reuse the data.  Zip files compress the data so it should take lass space for each type of item.  The storage to copy the required files is only limited by the free space on your computer or external drive.
Here's a YouTube video on how to use Takeout.  You can pick and choose the Google data to download.   You may have to download them over a few days depending on how much data you have.
Please remember that this will not copy Google Drive files that you do not own.  If you want a copy of a file that you do not own, you must open that file and make a copy of it.  You will then own the copy and it will not update when the original does.  All shared members will be removed form the copy when takeout copies it to the file or new account.
If you have issues, you can contact us by using the "TechHelp - How to use" menu selection on the right.
  Tech Team