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ECS Tech Team
 Welcome back for a great new school year.  We have made several changes over this summer.  
School ended very differently last year.  Everyone was at home doing remote learning.  We had to scramble to get everything out to students and show teachers how to use Meet and Zoom.
Overall I thought it went very well considering..  We gave out around 400 devices to students who didn't have enough computers at home.  We did a lot of remote screen sharing to troubleshoot issues for students and staff.  We did run into a previously unknown audio issue with our Lenovo Yoga staff devices.  Hope to replace several of those this year.
We're still planning the opening of the 20-21 school year so we're not sure yet what we'll be doing.  Wish us luck.
Scale Computing
We swapped out our primary VMware stack and transitioned to Scale Computing.  So far I'm loving it. Much faster than the 3-2-1 setup we had previously.  Love the interface as well.  I'm still learning but I'm impressed!
I was a big fan of Veeam for backups with VMWare so I still have my fingers crossed that they will get that working between them.  
We have always utilized Chromebook carts in the classrooms for student devices.  Since we may be going back to some form of full or partial remote learning this coming year, we don't have enough devices to have all the carts at school and hand out the 400 devices like we did at the end of last year.  We are considering going 1:1 in 4th -12th grade.  If we do this, the students will be required to have their device with them while at school and have them at home on remote learning days.
What would summer be without imaging?  Fun perhaps? 
More Chromebooks:
We are ordering more Chromebooks this year.  We love them and they are awesome!  Adding more touch devices this year to round out our Pre-K - 2 devices.
More projects are in the works.  Check back for more updates.