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ECS Tech Team
 Welcome back for a great new school year.  We have made several changes over this summer.  See below for more info... 
Parents/Students seeking technical assistance.  Please see "TechHelp - How to Use"  section on the right.
For those of you who have checked out a Chromebook from the school, you will receive a login screen as shown below when trying to browse to some websites.  The URL in the address bar will be
For the User Name, you will enter your full school email address.  Example:  A password is not required for ZScaler.  If it prompts for a password, the User Name has been typed incorrectly.    You should just have to do this one time per account.  It should remember it after that.
Back to in person learning
We're back to school this year.  We did add a new virtual school this year. The Global E-Learning Academy.  For anyone who still wants an at home experience, this is the choice for them.  It has proved interesting to update our rostering options for everything.
We're still using Zoom and Meet a lot but there are some in-person meetings taking place as well.  Looking forward to seeing some of the friendly neighborhood technicians at other locations again.
We're still replacing staff devices in groups.  Hopefully we'll get that finished up this year.
The year of waiting
We ordered lots of equipment this summer and much of it has still not shipped.  Chip shortages! Shipping Delays!  Ships waiting to be unloaded.  Hopefully we'll get the equipment in and everyone will still be excited.  Lots of Promethean Smart TV's are expected around the end of the year.
Scale Computing
Still loving our new Scale stack and plan to add Scale to our Central Office location. It just works!  We used to have little strange issues with our previous virtualization platform.  Scale has been rock solid.  Just talked to Acronis and now the backups can restore full images to the stack without some of the steps normally required.  
We are very close to 1:1 in K-12.  We have always utilized Chromebook carts in the classrooms for student devices and the elementary decided to keep carts in K-2.  3rd - 12th handed out devices to all we are having some growing pains ensuring the students bring them in charged and ready for instruction.
Updated Servers:
We updated several servers this summer. Security is always one of the reasons we try to replace critical infrastructure.  Still have several to replace but making progress,
More projects are in the works.  Check back for more updates.