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Technology Department

Welcome to Elkin City Schools' Technology Department. Led by Chief Technical Officer Britt Shaw, we are devoted to empowering both staff and students through the provision of state-of-the-art technological resources and support.
Our focus is enriching the educational journey of approximately 1200 students and 200+ employees district-wide.
Parents/Students seeking technical assistance.  Please see "TechHelp - How to Use"  section on the right.
For those of you who have checked out a Chromebook from the school, you will receive a login screen as shown below when trying to browse to some websites.  The URL in the address bar will be
For the User Name, you will enter your full school email address:
Example: [email protected]. A password is not required for ZScaler. If it prompts for a password, the User Name has been typed incorrectly. You should just have to do this one time per account. It should remember it after that.
Scale Computing
Still loving Scale as our virtualization platform. It just works!  Scale is rock solid. Backups have been vastly improved.
We finally achieved 1:1 in K-12. Of course, some of our Chromebook devices have reached AUE. We'll see if we can still utilize them in some capacity as we plan the device distributions this year.
We planning on several network upgrades this year. We'll be replacing old switches with new and upgrading our links between the different sites.
Updated Servers
We updated several more servers this summer. Security is always one of the reasons we try to replace critical infrastructure. Moving some things to the cloud but we still have quite a few local resources to maintain.  
More projects are in the works.  Check back for more updates.