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Technology Tips

Welcome to our tech tip and tutorials page.  On this page, you will find quick tips and tricks on various technology apps, software, digital learning, and some extras.  We are updating this page often to provide teachers and staff with a central location to find quick "how-to's" that will help inside and outside of the classroom as well as assist with day to day tasks.  
If you have an idea for a quick tutorial, please click on our Suggestions? area and drop up a message on something you would like to know or learn more about.  Thanks for your support for our Elkin City Schools Technology Team.
Britt, Ricky, Scottie, & Amanda

Setting up Google Meet For IOS (Apple) Devices

Setting up Google Meet for Android devices


Start Google Meet Video Meetings in Gmail


Add Google Meet to Calendar Events


Join a Google Video Meeting from Gmail


Use your phone as your speaker and microphone


Join a Google Meet meeting from Gmail


Join Video Meetings from Android Device


Join Video Meetings from an IOS Device


Join a Google Meet video meeting from a Google Calendar event or Invitation

Getting Started with Google Classroom

How to Create a New Class in Google Classroom

Create an Assignment and Add a Topic in Google Classroom

How to Add Students and Guardians in the Classroom?

How to Create a Quiz from Classroom?

How to Use the Grading Tool in the Classroom?

How to Use the Stream Page?

How to Add Materials?

How to Create Different Assignments in the Classroom?

Most schools are utilizing Chromebooks for student devices.  Ease of use, durability, and cost are just a few reasons this is happening. If you want to see some ideas on how to utilize these devices in your classroom, Google Education videos are a great way to check out some of the features.
This video will give you an introduction to the Jellybox 3D printer.  It won the "2017 Best 3D printer for schools".

This video demonstrates how to "Print Screen" on a Desktop or Lenovo Yoga Touch.
We use Edlio hosting for our website.  If you are looking for additional help or would like to use that for your classroom site, please let us know.  You can also check out the following help topics and videos for additional help.
Click the pic below for a sample.