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Elkin City School Policies

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Governing Principles Index to 1000 Series
Legal Status and Authority of the Board
Governing Principles and Goals

Board Operations Index to 2000 Series 
Board Operations
Board Members
Officers and Committees
Board Meetings
Board Policies
Board Hearings
Board Consultants and Liaisons


Educational Program Index to 3000 Series
Goals and Objectives
Curriculum Development, Delivery and Evaluation
Instructional materials
Time for Learning
Student Performance
Special Curriculum Objectives
Services and Activities to Support the Educational Program


Students Index to 4000 Series
Student Focus
Admission and Assignment
Student Behavior
Student Fees
Student Records


Community Relationships Index to 5000 Series
Relationship with Parents and the Community
Relationship with Other Governmental Agencies


Support Services Index to 6000 Series
Support Services
Student Wellness
Student Health Services
Student Food Services
Student Transportation Services
Purchasing Function
Equipment, Materials and Supplies


Personnel Index to 7000 Series
Recruitment and Selection of Personnel
Work Environment
Staff Responsibilities
Specific Employment Relationships
Workday and Absences
Non-Job Related Activities
Development and Evaluation


Fiscal Management Index to 8000 Series
Fiscal Goals
Budget Process
Revenue Sources
Fiscal Accountability
Separate Accounts
Personnel Duties


Facilities Index to 9000 Series
Facility Planning and Construction
Selection and Use of Architects and Contractors
Care and Maintenance
Naming Facilities
Sale and Disposal






These policies are listed here for convenience. 
While efforts are made to maintain and update this listing, there may be new policies or changes to current policies that are not reflected here. 
Staffing changes, technical issues, incorrect hyperlinks or accidental oversight may delay the update of current policies on this site. 

The official current policy list is maintained at:

Elkin City Schools
202 W Spring St
Elkin NC 28621