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In the Spotlight


The recipient of this award is selected on the following merits and strengths:


Dedication, cooperation, and a demonstration of a positive attitude, in addition to outstanding contributions for the betterment of Elkin City Schools through creative solutions.  


"The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will."


This year’s recipient, Beth Felts, has created numerous marketing tools, including the strategic plan info-graphic and Home School brochure, instructional tools, including the graduation project portal,  digital resources, the convocation video titled "Super E" as well as a shout out video, a remembrance video for Taylor Chipman and the class of 2019’s senior assembly video. Mrs. Felts also wrote and received a grant for a much needed Middle Grades Career Development Coordinator, she has designed web pages, T-shirts,  numerous flyers and announcements, including the most recent PBL Student Expo program booklet, and has created an E- Learning Virtual Academy to be introduced at the high school next school year. This, truly, is only a drop in the bucket, and miraculously had time to fulfil the duties of her regular job. Mrs. Felts not only has the will to be successful but the genuine desire to share her talents in order to enhance our school community.