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In the Spotlight

Ms. Sasha Murphy is a First Grade Teacher at Elkin Elementary School.


There were some wonderful comments made about Ms. Murphy.  Here are a few of those: 


“Ms. Murphy worked diligently this summer setting up and rearranging her classroom.  She is always encouraging the students to make good choices.  Ms. Murphy is always friendly and will go out of her way to speak to every staff member she comes in contact with throughout the day.  She is making a difference in our students on a daily basis.”


“Sasha is by far Elkin City Schools Champion for Students!  Sasha wants every student she teaches to be successful and have a thriving life.  Even on a stressful day!!  It's truly amazing the difference she is making in her students life.”


As Employee of the Month, Sasha Murphy received a movie ticket to Starmount Crossing Cinema V, Certificate, a goody pack from Horace Mann and balloons.  During the month of October, her photo will hang at the district’s central office, at Elkin Elementary and on the website. 


Elkin City Schools thanks you for your excellent service to students, staff and community.