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Congratulations, Tonya Smith, 2020 Piedmont Triad Region Teacher of the Year!
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In the Spotlight

Mrs. Faye Corregan-Flippin a Speech-Language Pathologist at Elkin Elementary School.


There were some wonderful comments made about Mrs. Corregan-Flippin.  Here are a few of those: 


There are not words enough to say what Faye means to  EES. She is nothing short of a miracle. She is patient, kind, consistent, dedicated and just plain awesome! I watched her crawl in the floor with picture cards and a student who is non verbal. She kept offering the picture card and immediately reinforced correct behavior. She also works with adults to make choice boards, picture schedules and other tools and trains them in how to use them. She is quick to help when there are meltdowns and high needs. All this while providing excellent care to her students. And with a bright smile on her face. She is the  Definition of a champion!!! 


Faye works diligently to ensure all kids needs are met.  She has been staying at the school late on multiple nights to make sure the needs of our highest needs students are being addressed.  She always does it with a smile on her face.


She works tirelessly to give her time to ensure a student with many needs has a meaningful learning experience daily. In addition, she is one of the kindest people I know and is such a good person!


Faye works tirelessly to meet the needs of our students and support teachers in the classroom. She researches and creates strategies to support our students with autism, then works with teachers to help with implementation. Faye is facilitating PD through PLCs for the entire staff, including TAs. She is helping our school with a mindset shift that all students can be successful with the right supports. She is a champion for students AND teachers!!


As Employee of the Month, Faye Corregan-Flippin received a movie ticket to Starmount Crossing Cinema V, Certificate, a goody pack from Horace Mann and balloons.  During the month of November, her photo will hang at the district’s central office, at Elkin Elementary and on the website. 


Elkin City Schools thanks you for your excellent service to students, staff and community.