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Elkin City Schools

No school on Monday, Jan. 21, for staff or students in honor or Martin Luther King, Jr.
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In the Spotlight

Mrs. Heather Gilliam-Wall works at Elkin High as a Teacher in the Exceptional Children’s Department.


Mrs. Gilliam-Wall had some wonderful comments made about her.  "Mrs. Gilliam-Wall always has a positive attitude.  She is an advocate of students with specials needs and is always willing to lend an extra hand.  She acts as a team player and never complains."  


Kids Are the Purpose Of her Work!  KAPOW!!


As Employee of the Month, Mrs. Gilliam-Wall received a movie ticket to Starmount Crossing Cinema V, Certificate, and balloons.  During the month of January, her photo will hang at the district’s central office, at Elkin High and on the website.  ECS thanks you for your excellent service to Elkin City School’s students, staff and community.