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Elkin City Schools

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2019-2020 Flexible School Calendar Proposal

Talking Points for the 2019-2020 Proposed Flexible Calendar

State school calendar law has not changed.  This calendar is considered a Flexible Calendar and does not follow the traditional year-round format.  A flexible, year-round calendar, that includes enriched learning opportunities in June and July, requires local board action but no further approval at the state level.

The Elkin City Schools Flexible Calendar still contains 215 teacher working days and 179 student days with the same number of required holidays, annual leave days, and optional workdays as our current calendar.

Some of the main goals of implementing the Flexible Calendar are to:

Allow Elkin City Schools and Surry Community College calendars to more closely align and to benefit dually enrolled students.

Create additional calendar flexibility for innovation in our district.

Finish high school exams prior to Christmas break.

Continue to provide a long weekend at Easter while matching the Surry Community College calendar spring break.

Provide extended learning opportunities for students meeting their personalized needs.

The Enriched Learning opportunities highlighted on the Flexible Calendar denotes the work we already do with students in June and July and allows us to expand required, free, and paid camps available to students over the summer months. All students are NOT required to attend school during these months.

With the current calendar, schools play 1-2 football games prior to school starting back and students being on campus. The 2019-20 calendar will allow for students to be on campus and school to be in session for all athletic events.

If the Elkin City Schools Board of Education adopts the Flexible calendar, the summer of 2019 will be shorter for students and staff, but subsequent summers will be approximately the same length as provided in the current calendar.

No staff is required to work during the enriched learning months (June & July). Interested certified teachers of ECS will serve as facilitators of summer camps.

Public comments will be accepted by clicking on the survey link below beginning today, Tuesday, Sept. 25th until the close of business on Friday. Oct. 19th.  The results will be presented at the Oct. 22nd Board meeting.


2019-2020 Flexible School Calendar Proposal Survey