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What is DL/I?

DL/I programs use two languages for content and literacy instruction for all students, English and another language. In a two-way immersion program, approximately half of the students are native speakers of the target language (Spanish), and the other half of the students are native English speakers. We strive for bilingualism and biliteracy among both groups of students. In DL/I classrooms, the target language is not taught as a subject; it is the language through which content instruction is delivered.


As a community with a growing native Spanish speaking population, Elkin City Schools has designed a DL/I program structure that supports the needs of the broader community. Both native Spanish speaking and native English speaking students benefit from a two-way immersion model. DL/I students are engaged in a rigorous learning environment promoting high academic achievement among all students. 

For more information about Elkin City Schools’ DL/I program, please refer to our FAQ.

North Carolina’s Seal of Biliteracy


In our state, graduates can earn the Global Languages Endorsement on their High School Diploma. In order to qualify, students demonstrate their multi-literacy in at least one World Language. Earning an endorsement on a diploma prepares graduates for careers and/or college. 


Students enrolled in Elkin City Schools’ DL/I program are not required to pursue the seal of biliteracy, but it is a pathway students can choose. For more information about the NC Seal of Biliteracy, click the GLE button below.