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Elkin City Schools has limited Internet and e-mail access at all schools.  This access will enable students and staff to explore thousands of libraries, databases, and bulletin boards and exchange messages with other Internet users throughout the world.

Our goals are:

To support the local curriculum, the North Carolina Standard Course of Study, and the workplace
Development Program of Study to enhance learning opportunities by focusing on information retrieval, searching strategies, research skills, and critical thinking;
To promote lifelong learning through current technology.

Reaching our goals is dependent on the responsible behavior of our students.  Students must behave considerately and maturely on school computer networks just as they do in a classroom or school hallway.  Access to network services is a privilege for those students who agree to abide by certain rules and regulations of the district.  Additionally, we require students using the Internet to have parental permission.  The information on the Internet comes from numerous sources. 

While Elkin City Schools cannot control the content of the information available on the Internet, our intent is to use this tool to further educational goals and objectives.  We take all reasonable precautions to limit access to objectionable materials by using software programs which block such materials, providing adult supervision, and training all students in responsible use.  We believe that the benefits to students in the form of information resources and opportunities for collaboration exceed the disadvantages.

Parents, both you and your child must sign an Acceptable Use Agreement before Internet access can be granted.  A copy of this agreement is provided below.  If you prefer that your child not access the Internet, please indicate in the appropriate space on the form.

Agreement for Students Access to the Internet

ECS Web Publishing Form

Federal Trade Commission:  Protecting Kids Privacy Online (COPPA)

Elkin City School Board Policy Regarding:

Use of Personal Wireless Communication Devices

Internet and the Educational Program

Copyright Compliance

Resources to talk to your child regarding online safety:

FBI-Parent Guide to Online Safety


Microsoft Guide to Internet Safety
(includes links regarding social networks and cyberbullying)