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Curriculum & Instructional Services » Welcome to the AIG Program

Welcome to the AIG Program

Elkin City Schools provides students with challenging learning opportunities that encourage higher level thought processes. Students who are academically and/or intellectually gifted may have special educational, social, or developmental needs which are not met in the regular program.  We recognize the ability and potential of these students and meet their individual needs with a variety of service options.
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Goals for the AIG Program

  • To develop and implement a sequential program for academically and intellectually gifted students which is based upon compacting, enriching, or expanding the current curriculum

  • To meet the diverse needs of the academically gifted students with a spectrum of gifted services

  • To provide in-service for all teachers in the characteristics of gifted student and appropriate programs to serve these students

  • To coordinate services and resources between the academically gifted specialist and the classroom teacher

  • To develop a plan involving counselors, support personnel, community resource persons, and parent volunteers in appropriate services for academically and intellectually gifted


State Definition of AIG Students, Article 9B
(N.C.G.S. § 115C-150.5)
Academically or intellectually gifted students perform or show the potential to perform at substantially high levels of accomplishment when compared with others of their age, experience, or environment. Academically or intellectually gifted students exhibit high performance capability in intellectual areas, specific academic fields, or in both the intellectual areas and specific academic fields. Academically or intellectually gifted students require differentiated educational services beyond those ordinarily provided by the regular educational program. Outstanding abilities are present in students from all cultural groups, across all economic strata, and in all areas of human endeavor.